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NOTE: The Treasurer-Tax Collector does not maintain a permanent tax sale mailing list. If you wish to view our list of tax-defaulted properties, please call 661-868-3490 or visit
  • Prospective purchasers will be asked to register via the Internet. Each registered bidder will receive a unique user ID, which the bidder must have in order to participate. All parcels will be sold by item number and in the order listed. Minimum bids will be as stated per parcel and each raise will be in increments of at least $100 until sold.
  • The descriptions given are based on the official records of the Kern County Assessor-Recorder’s Office and are presumed to be correct. The property to be sold may be approximately located from maps available for viewing at the Internet Auction Advertising Service Provider’s website address.
  • The right of the former owner to redeem any parcel is forfeited as of 5:00 p.m.on the last business day prior to the sale.
  • Prospective purchasers are urged to examine the title, location and desirability of the properties available to their own satisfaction prior to the sale. ALL PROPERTIES ARE SOLD AS IS. The County of Kern makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, relative to the title, location or condition of the properties for sale. All property taxes currently due will be paid from the proceeds of the sale. PLEASE NOTE: PROSPECTIVE PURCHASERS ARE ADVISED THAT SOME BONDS OR OTHER ASSESSMENTS WHICH ARE LEVIED BY AGENCIES OR OFFICES OTHER THAN THE TREASURER-TAX COLLECTOR MAY STILL BE OUTSTANDING AFTER THE TAX SALE; IN ADDITION, THE I.R.S. HAS THE OPTION OF REDEEMING, UP UNTIL 120 DAYS AFTER THE SALE, ANY PROPERTY ON WHICH THERE IS AN I.R.S. LIEN RECORDED.
  • The successful bidder may take possession of the property after the tax deed to purchaser has been recorded. Most title companies will not insure title on properties sold at public auction for at least one (1) year after the tax deed has been recorded. Legal action to challenge a tax sale must be commenced within one (1) year of the tax recording date.
  • Prior to payment, successful bidders will be asked to complete a "deed slip" showing how they want the property purchased to be conveyed. The deed will be mailed to the purchaser after recording, usually within four to six weeks. This deed conveys all right, title, and interest to the property in accordance with the provisions of Revenue and Taxation Code section 3712.
  • A California documentary transfer tax will be added to, and collected with, the full purchase price. This tax is calculated at the rate of $.55 for each $500.00 or fractional part thereof, if the purchase price exceeds $100.00.
  • Payment in full by cash or cashier’s check (made payable to Jordan Kaufman, KCTTC), within 5 business days after the conclusion of the online auction. No personal checks will be accepted. Payments in excess of the purchase price will be refunded by mail within 30 days.
The following link includes a list of properties in the upcoming Tax-Sale.
Sale scheduled for September, 2024, Property will be listed approximately 30 days prior to the start of the sale at
Board of Supervisors Tax Sale Approval
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