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Supplemental Tax Bill Calculator

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Our goal is to continue to provide the public with the best possible service that we can give. In that effort, we are working to redevelop our website, add new services, provide information that is relevant as well as timely, and streamline our business processes.

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Notice to Website Users

  Our office has been notified that utility companies will be performing work which may impact access to this website beginning Friday, April 10th at 5:00PM and last until Monday, April 13th. As a reminder, the County of Kern will not waive delinquency penalties if a payment is received after the delinquent date due to this website experiencing down time or inoperability for any reason.

Countdown to Deadline
An Important Message for Owners of Secured Property

Property taxes for the second installment of the secured tax bill are now payable and will become delinquent in 11 days .

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